Building Tomorrow's Enterprise
We help to impart computer education by providing manpower, hardware and software support to educational
institutions and also to setup own facility for imparting such education. To offer consultancy, advisory and all
related services in all areas of communication, telecommunications, manufacturing and process  control and
automation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and related areas .

More recently, online retailing, cloud computing and e-commerce are leading to rapid growth in the IT industry.
Online shopping is fast gaining popularity with the emergence of internet retailing and e-commerce.

Looking ahead to 2013-14, there are challenges in some markets with regard to regulatory changes. These
include restrictions in the movement of highly skilled professionals between countries. Company remains
conscious of these changes and will be taking steps to ensure total compliance and also mitigate any risks
arising from such changes.

In the next five years, priority areas of software spending will include web conferencing; teaming platforms and
social software suites; enterprise content management; customer relationship management (CRM) and security.

Indian enterprises are looking for cost effective use of technology before adoption of these tools, resulting in the
fast growth of these markets.

Fact File
It develops, markets, implement system and application software packages and related products for Indian and
Foreign market, to conduct sponsored specialized software and hardware courses and offering consultancy on
hardware selection, systems design, manpower selection, software development, implementation and training
and to also establish and operate data and information processing centers and to render all such services as are
required by the customers in relation to processing of information and also in the interpretation, application and
use of processed data.

Indian IT companies are increasingly looking for global delivery model. ADM services, which used to provide
major chunk of revenues to the domestic IT players, are getting affected due to the falling billing rates. Hence,
the companies are now venturing into new high value services such as IT Consulting, Product Development, and
end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Rupee's depreciation against the US dollar and other major currencies is expected to provide relief for Indian IT
companies in the near term, offsetting the pricing and demand pressures to some extent.
Indian firms, across all other sectors, largely depend on the IT & ITeS service providers to make their business
processes efficient and streamlined.

KCC believes in creating high levels of engagement and commitment. It builds a culture to ensure lasting
relationships and creates value for all stakeholders. It has implemented reward and recognition programs to
strengthen both values and results. At KCC every individual is considered significant and all employees are
encouraged to produce extraordinary results.

We continue to be motivated and get encouraged by the relentless hard work of our people, our business
associates, our shareholders, our customers and all those who unite with us in realizing our dream of
transforming the Future with our solutions.

“Optimism regarding spending within Indian organizations reflects confidence in India's regional economic
performance, as well as the need to adopt better technology to effectively compete in a tougher global
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